ABARTH L'UOMO E LE MACCHINE - Edizione speciale in pelle

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Author(s): Luciano Greggio

Size: cm. 24x27 - Pages: 520 - Leatherbound - Photos: 600 in b/w and 80 in colour - Leatherdbound - Text: italian

Also available the english edition "ABARTH. THE MAN, THE MACHINES – Leatherbound edition"

Special limited leather-bound edition of 25 numbered copies in English (and also 25 in Italian).The vivid personality, great intelligence and strong determination of Carlo Abarth are revealed through the pages of his large biography. His personal life, his early motorcycling projects and races. The Cisitalia period and its unfortunate decline. The long and successful new adventure in car-tuning which made Abarth and his cars reknown all over the world. The book also contains technical data for each model produced, supported by company’s chassis drawings and engines cutaways. Exhaustive and accurate listing of competitions which saw Abarth cars dominating the racing fields year by year. The book is richly illustrated by appealing and never published before photos, many of them belonging to the personal Abarth photo archive.

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