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Author(s): Valerio Boni

Size: 24.3x27 cm - Pages: 120 - Photos: in b/w and colour - Softbound with flaps - Text: Italian

From the G/S to the GS, the evolution of a model that brought to life an incredible range of motorcycles that has conquered the world. It brought about a revolution in 1980 that was destined to radically change the way in which the 2-cylinder boxer engine was interpreted, which until then was reserved to the austere and tranquil long range touring bike. Earlier, it won the toughest of the African marathons, the Paris-Dakar and then it was further evolved by not following but anticipating fashion right through to undermining sporty motorcycles, starting with the top selling machine. This book covers the technical development stages of the bike that invented the  maxi-enduro concept, to also be able to play the role of the tailor-made off-road adventure motorbike, also becoming the touring machine. And the GelandeStrasse (off-road/road) philosophy of the 2-cylinder opposed engine has been successfully transferred to other more economical families of bike by the German company, from the single cylinder series to the one fitted with two parallel cylinders.



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