CURVE & TORNANTI VOL. 4 Le Alpi: dal Sempione al Brennero (Corners and hairpins - The Alps: from the Sempione to the Brenner) Italian text

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Author(s): Gianni Giorgi e Carlo Cianferoni

Size: cm 15x10 - Pages: 128 - Photos: b/w drawings - Softbound - Text: Italian

Those who think the impervious roads of the Alpine arc can only be covered in a car or at best in the saddle of a bicycle during the Giro d’Italia are making a great mistake.The Brenner, the Stelvio, the Bernina and as well as the Splugen, but also the Grimsel, Furka and St. Gottard Passes offer terrain more than ever fertile for enjoyment and delightful tourism on a motorbike, whether a supersport or a grand tourer.To demonstrate that fact, here is the fourth volume of Corners and Hairpins, devoted to the 29 most significant passes in the high ground along the borders of Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

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