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Since it was established, Giorgio Nada Editore has conducted the careful and targeted acquisition of documentary and illustrative material destined to expand its patrimony, also constantly looking out for material suitable for editorial work. For example, that was the reason for the acquisition of the publications of “Autocritica”, a Roman publisher founded by Valerio Moretti and Gianni Bulgari who over the years brought to life titles such as “Quando corre Nuvolari” (“When Nuvolari Races”), “Carlo Chiti: sinfonia ruggente” (“Carlo Chiti: Roaring Symphony”) and “La Scomessa di Gianni Lancia” (“The Gamble of Gianni Lancia”). To further expand this collection, other significant acquisitions have been made over time. If the first was the photographic archive of Style Auto, the most important was in 1989, when Giorgio Nada Editore bought the Archivio Novafoto-Sorlini, made up of the official photographs of the Mille Miglia by Alberto Sorlini, who immortalised all the post war Brescian races from 1947 to 1957. And to complete that patrimony has contributed in recent years the purchase of important archives devoted to the world of motor racing. This policy has led to the constitution of a substantial photographic and documentary archive containing about 300,000 images divided into:

Production cars

One of the major sections of the photographic archive, this collection of pictures of road cars of normal construction, photographed on the special occasions of their respective periods (for example, the official introduction of models at the leading motor shows) or in photographic coverage especially commissioned by the publisher over the years.

Style Auto

The acquisition of “Style Auto”, published from the start of the Sixties until the end of the Seventies, brought unification that was also relative to the photographic archive, made up of thousands of pictures that document the golden era of Italian design by stylists including Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato and Giugiaro. This collection also includes numerous original sketches and designs.

The Novafoto-Sorlini archive

The Novafoto-Sorlini collection, acquired from the publisher in 1989, is worth a chapter on its own. It is a really important photographic source (about 8,000 pictures) taken by Alberto Sorlini, the official photographer of the Mille Miglia from 1947 to 1957. In that decade, Sorlini built up a patrimony of pictures that show almost all the drivers, crews and cars that competed in the celebrated Brescian marathon. A collection of great historic-cultural importance that documents the most extraordinary road race of all time.

Motor racing archive

The most recent acquisition by Giorgio Nada Editore is a series of photographic archives devoted specifically to the world of motor racing, with particular reference to the period between the Sixties and today: this is a collection containing thousands of photographs of Formula 1, the world sports car and prototype championships, touring car races, Formula Junior and, in some cases, rallying.

The Franco Villani Collection

In 2016, the publisher’s photographic archives were further enhanced by yet another acquisition: over 300,000 photographs of the Franco Villani collection. For many years, the noted Bologna photographer worked for the major motor sport magazines – top of the list AutoSprint -  from the second half of the ‘50s until the early 2000s. He took pictures at all the Formula 1 and sports car racing events, as he did world championship motorcycling, now MotoGP. Whether at the wheel of an F1 single seater or on a motorbike, all the top motor sport champions were photographed by him during the second half of the 20th century.

 foto1bis foto2

How to acquire these pictures

Here, we have an example of our substantial photographic and documentary archive, which now numbers about 300,000 pictures. While waiting for this immense patrimony to be usable on line, Giorgio Nada Editore is now able to offer clients and enthusiasts the opportunity of buying such images for private, editorial or advertising use. For information and prices, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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